The growing volume of materials requiring translation and localization makes professional, rapid support from highly skilled DTP and graphic design professionals more vital than ever. And by working with us, this is guaranteed.
What do we do?
We provide professional desktop publishing services to translation agencies of every size and area of competence. We use up-to-date software, and can work with any kind of graphical and text format. We are a team of like-minded professionals, with extensive expertise in working on highly complex projects with tight deadlines. Our team of full-time DTP specialists, proofreaders, designers and project managers is always excited to work 24/7 to help you achieve success. Our highly skilled, secure, flexible, and honest approach to working on your projects allows us to provide high-quality, on-time DTP services to your end customers and business partners.
In figures:
working languages available for recognition and complex formatting.
full-time staff members using professional tools for your projects.
projects of the highest complexity completed in 2023 for more than 100 clients among leading translation agencies.
professional software applications in our qualified specialists’ toolkit – ready for work with your graphical materials.
pages in 2 hours – we can get it done no matter how busy our team is.
minutes to calculate the cost and timing for a document of any level of complexity.
Exactly what you need.
Up-to-date software operated by experienced professionals – DTP specialists and project managers.
You can send us a PDF document of any quality and you’ll receive a DOCX for further development. We create a new DOCX file and place the text and graphics within it; we format headers and footers, footnotes, and any numbered and bulleted lists, and set up automatic page numbering.
PDF to Indesign
We can take the layout of any kind of PDF document you provide us with and transfer it to Indesign, and vice versa. We work with all types of *.imdl files.
Processing CAD
We offer full-scale support for professional CAD packages, and layout and formatting services for both complex standard and unformatted drawings.
Printing layout
We handle the design of layouts for printing and set bleed areas depending on the layout type. We can carry out scaling and installation of technological elements of any complexity ahead of printing.
Website layout for
We can carry out advanced text and graphics layout for single- and multi-page websites based on any CMS, ready for your subsequent localization work.
Landmark projects
We understand very well the demands of your end customers working in various sectors, and the outcome you want to achieve once your work has been laid out. We therefore select a team with expertise that’s fine-tuned to the specific nature of each and every project. We believe that true professionals always work best in one area, so all our employees are able to effectively handle projects they have the most experience with.
Providing you with a clear work specification and precise deadlines for every one of your projects is incorporated into our values. Our understanding of the importance of the graphical layout stage as a key element of the overall translation or localization process means you can be fully confident about successfully delivering a project to your end customer.
Do you often encounter unusual graphical layout projects? Imagine that you’re dealing with a company able to handle a project of any complexity, and that project requires expertise and experience of using customized software programs under acute time pressures. We like these kinds of projects, and our work is far-removed from unremarkable standardization. It’s all quite simple: we understand the demands of end users, and we know how to help you.
What else you should know:
In our work for translation agencies, we are able to provide services for projects of any level of complexity, including halftone images, heavy vector graphics, and unformatted drawings. Our multi-level project management process ensures the success of each and every project worked on by the Laydox team.
The qualifications of every professional in our team have been confirmed by decades of experience working with advanced tools for graphic design, pre-printing, and post-production. It’s not so easy to join our team, because all our applicants are tested and examined according to five key parameters: skills, experience, references, successful cases, and a professionally completed test task.
All our clients’ projects are effectively protected. The highest level of document confidentiality is ensured, from personal passwords at each workplace to the use of extremely complex data encryption algorithms during work, transmission, and document exchange.
Our software:
Microsoft Office suite
Microsoft Office Pro Plus
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Visio Pro
+ all the different Office versions and compatible packages
Adobe suite
Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Fonts
Adobe Spark

CAD programs
AutoCAD 2021
Bentley MicroStation
Working with us is easy. See for yourself:
Request the best conditions
Order your cost calculation by e-mail. At this stage, our system automatically generates your order number, and the documents are sent to your project team for calculation. Our specialists assess the scope, timing, and level of complexity. We use up-to-date software that allows us to provide you with your calculation quickly and accurately.
Approve the cost and deadlines
Once your order has been calculated, you receive information about the final project cost, complexity level, and deadlines. We also suggest several options for optimizing the work, in terms of both cost and fulfilment options. We’re aware of business realities – everyone wants to optimize costs.
Agree on the conditions,
and off we go
If you are satisfied with the project cost, deadlines, and qualifications of our specialists, then confirm the order in a way that suits you: by e-mail, via your internal company systems, by messenger service, or by phone.
Get your order
And it’s done. Receive the completed work of our team by e-mail, or we can upload it directly to your system even if you use CAT or TMS systems.
Confirm receipt of the finished files
To do a great job is only half the battle. To meet your expectations and the requirements of your work specification is crucial. Therefore, we carefully track the level of our customers’ satisfaction. For what could be more important?
Our Contacts
Feel free to contact us.
We really love to communicate with our clients.
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