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Hi there! We have great respect for OCR & DTP professionals, so we are constantly on the lookout for new experts to join our team around the world.
We are looking for hard-working freelancers with experience.
If you need freelance jobs and want to become a member of our small professional team, we’ll be happy to review your application and consider having you join us on board!
Please fill in the questionnaire form, and we will send you an entry test. Good luck!

Freelance DTP Specialist
If you have worked as a DTP Specialist for a translation company, then you know what needs to be done. This is a nice-to-have.
Recognise text and check that it has been recognised correctly, and if necessary, type in text that has not been recognised automatically (including text on images, seals, stamps, handwritten text, etc).
Prepare graphics for translation.
Format and prepare layouts for translation in CAT systems.
Make sure the layout you prepare follows the original.

LAYDOX DTP Freelance Questionnaire
Please fill in the form. We will then email you an entry test.
Your personal experience in OCR, DTP, formatting and typesetting
English proficiency
Please describe your current employment situation
Your preffered payment method
What days are you available to work?
Can you handle urgent jobs with same-day delivery?
Can you handle jobs with Asian group languages (Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, etc.)?
Can you handle jobs with RTL group with right-to-left languages?
Please select the software you are proficient in (software you will use for our jobs).
Please upload your CV. We would appreciate it if you also included a portfolio, references from your clients, and any files that can describe your experience and successful projects (if available).
Please feel free to name the file with your first and last name
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